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Architectural Services

At Cahen Architectural Group PC, our ability as Architects to translate our client’s thoughts and ideas into extraordinary designs is the benchmark and most rewarding goal of the firm. By listening and working closely with the client at the initial stages of the creative process, and through in-depth discussions to better understand all aspects of the project requirements, the result is highly successful projects. This input helps direct us to exciting new and innovative design solutions that best pair your visions, tempered with our experience and professional knowledge, to creating the project you want. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and ensure delivery of a professional and comprehensive design solution within time and budgetary constraints.

Site Planning

Site Planning itself is a dynamic process to help establish the requirements, goals, and physical attributes of the project site in order to maximize the potential of the land. We analyze the proposed property to ascertain the strengths and potential weaknesses to arrive at the best and most cost effective design possible. The property and buildings form a symbiotic relationship to one another, strengthening the final design. They each support the other and we strive to foster this relationship in all our projects. Site Planning must be integrated into the architectural design of a site and the buildings to discover its own sense of identity and qualities, unifying strengths of a community, a cohesive work place, reinforcing values, image, identity, and pride.

Project Entitlement 

We believe working with the local municipalities and government agencies is critical to the success of the project. We represent and guide our clients through the entire entitlement and zoning process, from the initial Pre-Application meeting all the way through the final public hearings and permitting. These processes include site plan review, rezoning, special use review, and architectural review boards to just name a few. Success in this process is the key to our clients’ projects beginning on time and within budget. 

Design Guidelines & Feasibility Studies

We provide due diligence analysis and complete feasibility study services to our clients to assist them in selecting the correct site or existing space to meet their project goals. We evaluate possible sites and identify the critical entitlement and jurisdictional issues that will affect the project; provide utility analysis; outline possible construction constraints and potential cost issues related to development of the site. We will assemble preliminary schedules and cost estimates for each potential site and assisting in the preparation of development pro-forma. In addition to the base feasibility services, we will also assist our clients in reviewing and/or preparing Letter of Intents, evaluate real estate and development agreements, restriction agreements, CC&R’s and other necessary documents that may be required for a specific real estate transaction.

Programming Services

We will work with our clients to identify the overall needs for their project and assist them in establishing their goals. We will perform an informational gathering meeting with them to help establish these specific goals. This includes assisting them on making decisions for the types and sizes of spaces they require and establish relationships between these spaces, as well as identifying building system spaces required for the space to function. A key to a successful program establishes the project goals for both the individual functions and the collective project overall.

Interior Design/Project Management

From the time we begin working on your project until after you move in and use your new facility, we will expedite and oversee the entire design and construction process to protect your interests and ensure that the intricate design process with each project are handled professionally and to your complete satisfaction. We manage the entire consultant team from the initial due diligence of the project through post construction services to ensure continuity throughout the entire process for our clients. Our long term relationship with many of our clients is a testament to our success on managing your project through to completion.